Watt, Harper, others 'report' fake trades involving characters from sports movies & TV

The NFL went wild with transactions Tuesday, from the Jimmy Graham, Haloti Ngata and Sam Bradford-Nick Foles trades to the signings of Torrey Smith, Frank Gore and more.

J.J. Watt got so caught up in the movement, he couldn't help but do what many others do on days like this: report fake transactions.

The difference is the Houston Texans star wasn't exactly trying to fool anyone ...

For those who haven't memorized movie facts (and, really, don't feel shame if you haven't -- each of these films is at least 15 years old) those are:

Adam Banks from "The Mighty Ducks"

Henry Rowengartner from "Rookie of the Year"

Julius Campbell from "Remember the Titans"

Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez from "The Sandlot"

Jesus Shuttlesworth from "He Got Game"

The sports world didn't leave Watt's tweets alone, though. Washington Nationals All-Star outfielder Bryce Harper jumped in, as did Atlanta Falcons quarterback T.J. Yates (Watt's former teammate in Houston) and Chicago Bears guard Kyle Long:

Reference key for these Tweets:

LaLoosh and Davis: "Bull Durham"; Bash Brothers, Stahl and Wu: "Mighty Ducks" again; Porter: "Sandlot" once more.

And those references:

Gaffney: "The Mighty Ducks" yet again (these guys love those movies); Vaughn: "Major League"; Uncle Rico: "Napoleon Dynamite"; Bass: "Remember the Titans"; Miles and Riggins: "Friday Night Lights"; Beamen: "Any Given Sunday"; Falco: "The Replacements"; Boucher: "The Waterboy"; Icebox: "Little Giants"; and Air Bud, well, is from "Air Bud."

The nostalgia is strong in these ones.

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