Tom Brady unrecognizable in courtroom sketches

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Tom Brady, four-time Super Bowl Champion known for his good looks, is almost unrecognizable in courtroom sketches that are making the rounds on the Internet.

Memes have turned the Brady depicted in the sketch into E.T., Freddie Kruger, Michael Jackson in "Thriller," even classical works of art.

The NFL quarterback appeared in court Wednesday over his four-game suspension after what has become known as Deflategate.

The artist later apologized to Brady, saying he's a very good looking man, and if she had more time, she would have made him more handsome.

"I think I counted 12 people in one drawing. When you have a very limited time for a hearing, the most important thing is to zero in on the player, the one that everybody's in court for," says Mona Edwards, courtroom sketch artist for Eyewitness News.

"Someone can always have an off day," Edwards added.
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