Senior Showcase hosted by the Texans spotlights high school athletes

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Over 300 athletes from all over the country came to Houston to spend time at the Texans Senior Showcase.

Their goal is to give athletes a chance to further their education and still play football.

"We have 327 kids and 63 colleges," said executive director, Phil Camp.

"It's like a Walmart. If you need a quarterback, you go to aisle one. If you need a running back, you go to aisle two."

Dreams come true for many of these athletes, because in it's 12th year, the Texans Senior Showcase, continually has success stories.

"Cedric Whitaker came here in 2011 and he was a back up DB for North Shore. He went to Texas Lutheran University and graduated. He became a graduate assistant for Coach Rhule at Baylor and now he is the defensive backs coach for the Carolina Panthers," said Camp.

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