Rockets superfan "Two Tone Tommie" channels inner superhero to brighten fans days

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- To one Rockets fan, it's not about the wins and losses but about bringing joy to the youngest fans.

Among the sea of red on Rocket's game days, there's one fan that stands out from the rest.

Meet Tommie Reeves.

"We've got to bring on the war for the Warriors," said Reeves. "We've got to fight these guys."

He is a fan who goes by the nickname "Two Tone Tommie."

"I used to be a track star," Reeves said. "I had my upper body and my lower body. I used to be athletic. So that's how I got the two-tone. My momma is named Tommy. My daddy is named Tommie. So, triple t."

On game days, you can find him roaming outside the Toyota Center. His signature outfit is wrapped with Rockets from head-to-toe.

"I'm like a superhero," Reeves said. "I'm Clark Kent in disguise."

"Two Tone Tommie" doesn't have the powers of flight, strength or x-ray vision, but this superfan certainly has the power of generosity.

On game days, he brings shirts and bubble blowers and gives them to kids for free.

"I do it because I was unfortunate to have somebody give me money and do stuff," Reeves said. "So, I always want to brighten somebody."

But to "Two Tone Tommie," he hopes it does more than brighten a day. He hopes this simple gesture will impact kids for years to come.

"I just like to do something good because we need some leaders out here," Reeves said.

Now he hopes, the Rockets' leaders will do their part and give him more opportunities to make people's days outside the Toyota Center.

"They are going to go for it," Reeves said. "We are the underdogs. So they going to do it."

We can only hope so, so we can see more of "Two Tone Tommie."
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