Rockets fans go all out to show appreciation for James Harden

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- James Harden finally has an MVP under his belt after finishing 2nd twice. He won the illustrious award Monday night after leading the Rockets to a 65-17 regular season averaging 30.4 PPG and 8.8 RPG.

Because of the famous beard, fans all around the world have had fun with personal designs to show appreciation for Harden.

Trolli made Sour Brites that resembled Harden and the beard. They became a hit as they were on sale on Amazon and various stores.

Pena's Donuts & Diner made a donut for Harden, putting frosting all over the bottom of the cake to resemble his beard along with the number 13 inserted.

The Sweet Botique Bakery went all out once Harden won MVP, posting a massive cake created to celebrate his award.

Once Harden won MVP, Papa John's chimed in on the fun as well. They had a limited time offer of 63 pizzas in honor of Harden winning the 63rd award.

With all the hard work Harden has put in for the Rockets since 2012, it is only appropriate for the fans to show appreciation.
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