FROM ROCK STARS TO ROBOTS: Astros shed baseball uniforms for new roles in imaginative H-E-B spots

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Astros are living the dream as rock stars in a brand-new H-E-B commercial campaign, this time bringing Alex Bregman along for the fun.

Jose Altuve, George Springer and Carlos Correa have been spotted in the virtual grocery shopping aisles, and it's becoming a team affair.

In one of the spots, Altuve picks up where he left off in last year's H-E-B commercials, imagining a life with his best friends.

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Last year, that meant playing golf, water-skiing and going on a tandem bike ride. But now that Bregman is in the bunch, Altuve stepped it up with the imagination, thinking of the guys playing with giant chess pieces and bonding over painting.

By the way, pay close attention to Altuve's artwork. It's a nod to the previous commercial.

Oh, and as if they weren't already Houston's 'rock stars' on the diamond, they get to play up that side, too, transforming into a hardcore band.

H-E-B president Scott McClelland makes a cameo on the drums.

McClelland stopped by ABC13 on Wednesday ahead of the commercials' debut. He told ABC13 anchor Melanie Lawson that the ads, for which he typically stars alongside favorite Houston athletes, all started because the company wanted to do something with local sports stars, and he volunteered.

"I'm a ham," he admitted.

McClleland said the guys are usually up for anything. He's even being asked by other athletes if they can get in on the H-E-B stardom, which has also brought McClleland some fame of his own.

People stop McClleland and call him "Mr. H-E-B."

But how does he feel about acting?

"I play a dumb grocer. There's nothing hard about that!" he said.

Now McClelland again joins our Astros, the boys of summer, as they imagine their lives as ice cream spokesmen, touting the company's Creamy Creations brand.

Who wants to bet that ice cream sells out, soon?

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Who had the best tryout for H-E-B's Creamy Creations Ice Cream?

And meals that should be simple go off the rails when you get a robot involved.

Watch the videos to see all of their antics.

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What happens when George Springer creates a robot chef?

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