Rob Gronkowski used Lombardi trophy as baseball bat and dented it

Leave it to Gronk to leave a lasting impression on a piece of NFL history.

The New England Patriots shared a video on Twitter of their former tight end Rob Gronkowski making a dent in the Lombardi trophy, but here's how he did it.

Before the celebration at the Boston Red Sox's home opener last week, Gronk used the coveted trophy from Super Bowl LIII to bunt a baseball pitched to him from now-former teammate and MVP Julian Edelman.

Welp, it left a mark.

In the video, some Patriots' players said they couldn't believe the whole incident happened in the first place.

"I think we're all under the impression, 'No way is he going to swing a Lombardi trophy," said cornerback Jason McCourty.

Surely Gronk just had baseball fever, so can you blame him?

The team doesn't. Executive vice president of media relations Stacey James told ESPN they plan to keep the trophy as-is for now, and they'll have a story to tell.

The guys have also decided to just chalk it up to a parting gift from Gronk, who retired from the NFL in March.

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