Preparing for the NFL combine in Katy

KATY, TX (KTRK) -- Houston has become a hotbed for NFL prospects to train and get ready for the NFL Combine. The Performance Lab of Katy is one of the new facilities in town offering the science behind the combine.

Performance trainer Al Smith says "Every small detail has been analyzed over and over through years of data and it is finally put into place here. The players see results consistently and that is why they keep coming back."

Currently, "The Lab," has quite the roster, including Texas A&M running back Trey Williams, who played locally at Dekaney High School. Williams is considered small for an NFL running back, but has breakaway speed.

Williams says, "Give me the ball and I will not be a liability. I can guarantee you that." Smith believes Williams can help in a multitude of ways. "He is a Sunday back for sure," Williams adds," kick returner or punt returner, too."

Another Coach at the facility, Kerry Bennett also has impressive roster of clients. Not only is he working with Williams, he also works with Kansas City running back Jamal Charles, Seattle Seahawks running back, Christine Michael and New England running back Jonas Gray. Gray and Michael will play against each other next week at the Superbowl.

"Last year was Christine's first year in the league, he gets a superbowl ring, Says Bennett. "I get to put it on, it's exciting. This time again I know one of them will being one home."
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