SUPER BOWL MATCH-UP: Patriots going head-to-head against Rams

The Super Bowl matchup is set as the Los Angeles Rams will go head-to-head against the New England Patriots.

For the first time ever, both playoff games went into overtime.

At 41, Tom Brady will become the oldest quarterback to ever start in the Super Bowl.

Last night, he guided the Patriots 75 yards after winning the overtime coin toss, and backup Rex Burkhead's two-yard touchdown lifted New England past the Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC championship, ending the game 37-31.

The LA Rams defeated the New Orleans' Saints 26-23 after kicker, Greg Zuerlein hit a 57-yard field goal.

The AFC Championship wasn't without controversy either. Many fans called for an overhaul of the NFL overtime rules after the Patriots' victory.

If the Saints had received the penalty, the team could have run down the clock and tried for a game-winning goal. New Orleans' head coach later said the refs blew it.

The current rules state that if the first team scores a touchdown the game is over. If the team scores a field goal or doesn't score at all, the second team gets a chance to score.

Many fans complained that a coin toss shouldn't decide a game. NCAA college football allows for both teams to attempt to score.

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