OOPS! Embarrassing trophy moments from the sports world

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Astros World Series trophy took a tumble at a Museum of Fine Arts gala Wednesday night. It has since been repaired. Here's a list of other trophies that have fallen.

  • Pete Weber drops his 1991 U.S. Open bowling trophy on live television
  • The Houston Rockets snapped the ball off their 1994 championship trophy during post-game celebrations
  • The Chicago Cubs' 2016 World Series trophy was dinged while crowd surfing at a charity concert
  • Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos drops the 2011 Copa del Rey trophy under their parade bus
  • The 1996 New York Yankees broke a flag off their World Series trophy during post-game celebrations
  • Missouri's mascot dropped and broke the 2011 Independence Bowl trophy
  • A Florida recruit accidentally shattered the team's 2006 BCS Championship trophy
  • Eddie George's 1995 Heisman trophy lost a finger in an X-ray machine at La Guardia Airport
  • A player's father accidentally shattered the Alabama Crimson Tide's 2012 BCS Championship trophy

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