"Old Codgers" group rally behind Pearland Little League players

PEARLAND, TX (KTRK) -- All of Houston is rallying behind the Pearland All-Stars at the Little League World Series.

The Pearland community is obviously overjoyed, especially a group of old-timers, that call themselves "The Old Codgers."

Every morning for the last 40 years, come have coffee together. "We have some coffee, and we solve the problems of Pearland and the world," says Luther Cunningham.

For the last ten years they have come to Pearland Foods, a former gas station with a convenience store.

On this Friday afternoon we discussed the rich history of Pearland, including baseball.

Baseball has been huge in Pearland since 1910. In fact, "John Mark" helped start the first little league team here in the area, in 1957. "We got together and said we need to get the kids interested," says Mark. "We signed up 44 kids to play summer ball."

The "Old Codgers" are rooting Pearland on tonight and they expect more magic.

"They couldn't hit anything yesterday," says Nolen West. But Luther Cunningham finished with "it's not over yet. I think they have a good chance to win again."
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