Texans Coach Bill O'Brien likes work ethic, doesn't like sloppy penalties

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Bill O'Brien told us that 97 percent of his team showed up in great shape and ready to work. He likes it and expects it to get camp off to a good start.

The Texans head coach didn't care for some of the sloppy penalties. Too many offsides, false starts and lined up incorrectly for O'Brien's taste.

That said, the faster pace was something that jumped out today. In year two under O'Brien the players know what to expect and it showed. It looked faster and crisper than what we've seen before.

Everybody wants to know about the quarterback battle. It's way too early, but both Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett attacked down the field. DeAndre Hopkins started the group work with a deep strike to beat Jonathan Joseph and the offense worked from there.

I was impressed again with Hoyer's presence in his media session. He's definitely a veteran who has seen it all before.

A few other notes from that session, receivers 1 on 1 vs defensive backs. Rookie Jalen Strong from Arizona State made a nice 1 hand catch. Later, he made another nice catch but rounded off his route a bit. That's all part of life as a talented rookie.

Rookie Keith Mumphery from Michigan State is a physical player and presence. He uses his size well and plays bigger than his listed six feet.

I really enjoyed talking with veteran nose tackle Vince Wilfork. He's here to work and win. He'll enjoy the process and still loves to play the game. He'll make a big impact as long as he stays healthy. I left understanding that he can be a difference maker for this team. He's smart and there's not a lot he hasn't seen yet.

But, Wilfork told us he can't believe how hard JJ Watt works and how he goes about his business. Wilfork brings a Super Bowl championship pedigree from New England and he can't wait to see what Watt will do next. We've heard it before but coming from Wilfork it stands out.

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