Carolina Panthers players let young cancer patients cut their hair for charity

CHARLOTTE, NC (KTRK) -- Some long-locked Carolina Panthers players stepped up to get their hair cut by kids.

The kids, both who have either beat cancer or are currently fighting it, chopped off wide receiver Brenton Bersin and offensive lineman Brian Folkerts' pony tails to donate to Wigs for Kids. Bersin hadn't cut his signature pony tail in two-and-a-half years. Offensive lineman Brian Folkerts hadn't had a haircut for four years.

Wigs for kids provides wigs and support to children who lost their hair due to chemotherapy, burns, or other medical issues. The wigs are provided free of charge to the kids and their families. Bersin told WBTV News Charlotte that he was honored to help.

"The Wigs for Kids is awesome," Bersin said. "Maybe a little girl who lost her hair can use my long hair and I can grow mine out and do it again."

Seventeen-year-old Wesley Thornburg cut Bersin's locks. Thornburg battle Leukemia for eight years before having a bone marrow transplant in 2014. She's now cancer free, and said that Wigs for Kids helped her tremendously.

"When I first had cancer I was younger and didn't care that I lost my hair," Thornberg said. "But once I was a teenager being bald upset me. I wanted a wig. It's a big honor to be here today." null
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