Movie speeches that will get you fired up for Game 7

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The World Series has gone to Game 7. Could a few words of inspiration give the Houston Astros the advantage over the Los Angeles Dodgers? We think so. Here's our list of the best motivational speeches from classic movies.

If Gene Hackman wasn't such a great actor, this movie proves he could have been a great motivational speaker.

Friday Night Lights
Billy Bob Thornton's motivational monologue to his high school football team can get anyone pumped.

Houston versus LA is not exactly Russia versus the US, but watching what is considered one of the best sports speeches of all time certainly couldn't hurt.

Coach Carter
If this can make Samuel L. Jackson emotional, it has to be good.

Rocky Balboa
The sixth installment of the series that brought you the inspirational Rocky theme song, now brings you an equally powerful speech.

Cool Runnings
If a Jamaican bobsled team can make it to the Olympics, the Houston Astros can certainly win a World Series.

Gridiron Gang
Dwayne Johnson could get you fired up reading a bed time story.

If Jose Altuve is wearing face paint and riding a horse tonight, you know what happened.

Independence Day
So saving the world from aliens and a baseball game don't have much in common, but you have to admit this one lights a fire inside you.

Animal House
Nothing like a little comic relief to ease the tension of a World Series Game 7.

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