MD Anderson hosts mini Olympics for patients

MD Anderson let the patients forget about their treatments momentarily Thursday morning.

The hospital hosted the MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital Olympics with Olympian Yvonne Trevino Hayek in attendance to support and encourage the patients.

Patients participated in a series of drills while the flags of multiple countries hung above them. Many spectators were there in support and cheered everyone as they went through the drills.

Keri Schadler is an assistant professor of pediatrics research and said an objective of this event is to make the patients happy and put an emphasis on exercise.

She said researchers have discovered that it is important for patients to exercise while going through various treatments.

"My heart is overwhelmed with joy," Schadler said when discussing what this event means to her.

Hayek was at the event and participated in the Rio Olympics in 2016. She said she loved seeing how brave and energetic the patients were throughout the event and with their treatments.

She said the patients have a lot to teach society and that it was an honor for her to attend these Olympics.
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