All Little League World Series games canceled today because of rain in Williamsport

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Pearland Little League players get uplifting message (KTRK)

Rain is keeping Pearland Little Leaguer All Stars off the field, but the boys did hear from another Houston super star, none other JJ Watt.

The only thing that can lift you up on a day like this is a direct message from JJ Watt! "Hey Pearland! This is JJ Watt, I just want to take a second to wish you guys all the best of luck as you head to Williamsport for the Little League World Series, I know that you guys are going to go out there and give it everything you got and you'll make us all so proud."

Pearland All Star player Ryan Farmer said, "I just want to say thank you for sending that message, it was a confidence booster and will help us all the way through the tournament."

"It was really cool, like Ryan said," said Lloyd Richards III. "Nobody expected it at all so it kind of surprised us all."

As the boys suffered through a rainy, miserable day in Williamsport, their spirits were definitely lifted after they got a message from Watt. It turns out all the Texans are pulling for Pearland.

Watt said, "Can't wait to watch you, we will all be supporting you, I know we have the games on in the cafeteria everyday while we are eating lunch after practice, so all the guys here are cheering for you, we hope you all do well, represent Texas, just go out there and have a lot of fun, good luck guys."

The message is leaving an impression on impressionable 12 year olds.

Player Ben Gottfried said, "It was nice to see JJ Watt come out and supporting us and the community, It's nice to see that him and the Texans are watching us."

Marco Gutierrez mused, "Nobody expected it, because how did he get our number?"
Jeff Ehling said, "He has his ways."
"Yeah, it was cool," Marco said.

So with that, Pearland is now ready to take on the team from Oregon, that game is rained out and will be played Friday at 10am Central time.

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