Lawson Craddock finishes last, but wins over many at Tour de France

Noirmoutier, France (KTRK) -- Lawson Craddock had quite the experience at this year's Tour de France. After a crash on the first day due to a dropped water bottle, Craddock was motivated to keep racing for many reasons. That crash resulted in a fractured scapula and a cut on his right eyebrow that required stitches.

It is important to note the Tour de France does not take one or two days to conclude. This biking event lasted from July 7 until July 29. Craddock had to withstand these injuries for three weeks as he continued to race.

Craddock is a Houstonian and graduated from Cy-Springs, with his old velodrome in Houston being the motivation to continue racing. He pledged to donate $100 for every stage he finished for repairs on the velodrome, which was ruined during Hurricane Harvey.

Craddock would finish in last place at 145th, becoming the first American to win the "Lanterne Rouge," which goes to the Tour de France's final place.

The GoFundMe for the velodrome in Houston has reached nearly $235,000.
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