JJ Watt to his 5.4M Twitter followers: What's the best Italian food in Houston?

HOUSTON, Texas -- Houston Texans superstar J.J. Watt asked his 5.4 million Twitter followers a simple question on July 5: "What's the best Italian restaurant in Houston?"

As one would expect, the results were predictably bad. The overwhelming majority endorsed of the tweets suggested Olive Garden (hopefully, ironically), but at least a few folks managed to give shoutouts to staples like Paulie's and Mandola's Deli.

Until Watt's favorite chef Ronnie Killen opens an Italian concept - all those pizza pics Killen keeps posting to Instagram have to mean something, right? - let us offer the leading candidate for the NFL's 2018 Comeback Player of the Year (unless he ties with Deshaun Watson, obviously) a few suggestions. As with most restaurant questions in a city with as many compelling options as Houston, no one place is the best; different restaurants suit different cravings. This list isn't designed to be comprehensive, but they're all 100-percent guaranteed to be better than some national chain - even if they don't come with unlimited breadsticks.

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