JJ Watt gives young singer surprise of his life

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Nicholas Connors got the shock of his life after singing the National Anthem Tuesday night's Rockets game: a high-five from JJ Watt on the court.

"I just looked back...I was so shocked," Connors says. "I don't think I've ever been that shocked to see someone."

The 12-year old delivered his biggest performance yet with tonsillitis and laryngitis.

"I just went out there and sang. After that, I'm walking off and of course my stomach is in knots trying to force it out," he said. "I turned around...I felt like I was in Heaven like...it's JJ Watt. Come on!"

Wednesday, JJ Watt took to twitter to try to find Nick: "Could y'all help me get in contact with Nicholas? He dominated the National Anthem last night."

To Houstonians, from social media to the Rockets locker room, this is just another example of why Houston loves some JJ Watt.

Nick's mom, Andie Connors, says they've been trying to get him in front of a Houston Texans audience for more than two years.

"They've been very kind," Andie Connors says. "They always say thank you for your email. We'll let you know if something comes up, and I knew all it was gonna take is the right person to hear him."

Maybe JJ Watt was the right person.

"This is for us, hopefully, a good start," said Andie. "And if it takes JJ Watt shocking my son into disbelief, that's fine. We'll take it because we love us some JJ Watt in this household."

Nick tells Eyewitness News that he wants to perform duets with Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars. That's down the road. For now, he's hoping Tuesday night's performance here gets him in the door at NRG.
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