Morton Ranch High School student edits J.J Watt in prom picture

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- A Morton Ranch High School student took J.J. Watt to prom...sort of.

Bianca Rdz-Caskey, 17, says she has been inspired by Watt and the acts of generosity he has done in the community.

"There are many people out there that have various dreams. One of my dreams has always been to meet J.J. Watt. He's not just like any athlete out there. He cares for his community just like anybody else. Not just by words but by his various acts around the community. He's truly someone for the younger generation to look up to," Rdz-Caskey said.

Rdz-Caskey was diagnosed with dyslexia and said she's had to work twice as hard compared to other students.

She said she had to think to herself that nothing is impossible and that she could achieve anything in this world like Watt.

While the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year did not actually go to prom with her, she used her editing skills to create cute photos of what it might have looked like if he had.

Bianca says she plans on majoring in Pediatric Radiology in order to help people just like Watt.

Photo credit: JessQueen Photography
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