Dress for Sweat-cess: J.J. Watt and brothers flex comic muscles in Gatorade hydration PSAs

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- J.J. Watt knows a thing or two about the importance of staying hydrated in the sweltering Houston heat.

So who better to help us quench our thirst than the Texans star and his football family?

In new PSAs from Gatorade, Watt recruited his brothers T.J. Watt, who plays for the Steelers, and Derek Watt, who is with the Chargers, for this lesson in hydration.

In the PSA "Dress for Sweat-cess," the Watt brothers remind those that wearing the right clothing is key when you're outside.

It was a lesson learned the hard way by T.J. who couldn't keep up with his siblings during football drills because he was more worried about looking sharp in his sweats.

"These sweats are swag, man," T.J. tries to explain.

"You've got to dress for sweat-cess. Wearing lighter clothing helps you stay safe in the heat. Duh," J.J. says.

J.J. even managed to get his dad, who is a firefighter, in on the act. In the PSA with all four Watt men, it's all about the color of hydration. Let's just say there's a urine chart involved for that one.

Along with their teachable moments, the Watt family also managed to flex their funny bones in the outtakes. See more of the PSAs in the video above.
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