Houston bride wears Astros jersey to reception

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiania (KTRK) -- Here comes the bride, all dressed in orange, blue and white! When you're an Astros super-fan, you don't let a wedding get in the way of Houston winning the pennant, even if it's your own.

Devan Ohl and her husband Alex Watts were celebrating their wedding reception in New Orleans when she donned a Carlos Correa jersey for good luck.

During the playoffs, the couple noticed that the jersey seemed to be a lucky charm.

Game 6 against the Yankees was during their rehearsal dinner. The bride's friends bought out all of the Astros beads from a shop near Bourbon Street and she wore them at dinner. The couple also had the venue put the game on all the TVs.

After the couple saw the schedule, they knew Game 7 would be during their reception, so they came prepared. Devan donned the jersey early in the reception and the Astros immediately went up 4-0.

The venue didn't have TVs, but the wedding was kept updated on the score from the DJ and cellphones. The final out came right as they were announcing second line.

"I think the venue thought we were just really excited to second line, but we were yelling so much I lost my voice and can still barely talk," said Devan.

Devan says that she had quite a few pictures taken before she put on the jersey, but she reflected on the night thinking, "Well, at least half of my wedding photos are going to be in that jersey--no pressure Astros!"

The Astros face off against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series Tuesday at 7 p.m. in California. We hope the lucky jersey keeps working even as the couple honeymoons in Ireland.

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