Good news for March Madness fans: Tickets still available for face value

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Tickets for the Houston portion of the Sweet 16 are still available and can be had for face value (KTRK)

If you want to see the action at NRG this weekend, good news. Tickets for the Houston portion of the Sweet 16 are still available and can be had for face value.

Those who are re-selling seats wanted this weekend to be a sell out and that would drive the prices up. That's not going to happen and it's good news for the fans who still want to see the games.

When Paul Taulton heard his alma mater Gonzaga was headed to Houston he never dreamed he could score Sweet 16 tickets for face value.

"I was looking on Ticketmaster, Stubhub, Craigslist, and the prices were double," said Taulton.

But Taulton's wife told him to stop by the NRG box office to see if tickets for the Friday games were still available.

They are and he's very happy.

"I come here and I see what was 300 now 145, no brainer. A no brainer, I am so glad my wife made the right decision," laughed Taulton.

"I got a good seat. I am right in the center," said Jim Smith.

As a Duke fan, Smith was surprised as well. He got four seats to Friday's Duke-Gonzaga game and he did not have to pay a premium to get them.

"I got face value tickets, so I am really pleased with that," said Smith.

Ticket resellers tell us geography is the reason for the soft demand. Duke, Gonzaga, Utah and UCLA are not local teams and so there is no clear local fan favorite.

It's OK with Smith.

"I'm telling you that is outstanding, that is seriously outstanding because I really wanted to come," said Smith.

It's not good for those who resell tickets.

Kayla Ramsey at Midtown tickets has plenty of supply, but soft demand for the Sweet 16. But she says there are still some tickets fetching way more than face value.

"I've had most customers come in and want to buy the premium, lower level, first 10 rows center court kind of thing, I've sold lots of those. Those are actually doing good," said Ramsey.

The folks here at NRG do not expect any parking issues. They say exit Main Street off the South Loop and follow the signs to the parking lots. It's cash only, $25 to park at the stadium.
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