Fight after youth football game in Willis frays nerves

WILLIS, TX -- A video of a fight after a football game in Houston is making the rounds on social media.

The video was taken Saturday night at a ballpark in Montgomery County.

"They had a skirmish, people got involved, it was terrible," Chad Jones, president of the North County Football League, said.

Jones said many of the accounts on social media, describing the event, aren't true. Jones was there and witnessed what happened after the two teams of 9 and 10 year olds played in their "super bowl" of championships, he said.

After the Panthers lost to the Sundevils, 6-0, three people in the stands started a verbal fight with an assistant coach for the Panthers. He says the instigators are not parents in the league, but may be related to some of the others in the stands.

"I can't speak for the coach, but I am confident they know one another," Jones said.

The fight was broken up by the time the sheriff's department got there. No one was injured, but Jones said he has asked deputies to investigate if anyone had a weapon, and if they did, he wants them to be found and prosecuted.

"You can't fix stupid but we're going to hold stupid accountable," Jones said.