Deshaun Watson speaks at Texans YMCA on importance of hydration

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In the Texas heat during summertime, hydration is key. Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson visited the Texans YMCA today as part of the Gatorade Beat the Heat program. This program focuses on the importance of hydration and staying healthy during athletic activities in the heat. Gatorade was at the event and had a booth set up for kids to grab a quick drink after participating in various drills.

Watson spoke to kids at the YMCA on his experience with the heat. He said he is from Georgia and even that does not compare to the Texas heat during the Texans off-season. Some advice he gave to the kids was to focus on drinking as many fluids as possible before going to bed and when waking up to start the day off hydrated.

"If you're just walking outside or you're doing a sports activity, you're probably gonna sweat," Watson said when asked about the Houston weather and speaking on the importance of hydration. He said it is something he sometimes takes too lightly, but has been taught by trainers in the Texans organization.

Kids had the opportunity to ask Watson questions before participating in drills. When asked if he will be playing this season after suffering a torn ACL early last season, he gave the crowd a simple "of course." Watson recently spoke on his knee and is confident in his health going forward.

"I'm happy where I'm at, they're (training staff) happy where I'm at and we're on track," Watson said.

The kids were accompanied by Watson while doing drills, cheering them on and sometimes even partaking in the drill. For one of the drills, Watson threw the ball to kids and left them with an unforgettable moment.

There was a smile on both Watson's face and all of the kids involved. With one of the most noticeable faces in Houston, the kids were locked in on Watson's speech and more importantly learned about the importance of hydration.
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