Coach's dreadlocks almost as popular as Pearland Little League

WACO, TX (KTRK) -- Pearland's Little League All Stars are two games away from getting the Little League World Series. The team is quickly becoming the talk of the tournament and not just for their work on the field.

If you've seen the games or watched our coverage you know two things about Pearland's team: the players are very good and the manager really stands out in a crowd.

Andrew Solomon has had dread locks for a long time. But when his son's team made to a state tournament for 10 year old 2 years ago, the idea of losing the locks loomed large.

"Once we got to the state tournament they said, 'Coach, if we can win the state tournament you are going to let us shave off the dreads.' No, No, we're not going to shave off the dreads," Solomon said.

Clearly it's not a traditional hairstyle.

"It's the most talked hair in Waco since RGIII," Solomon said.

While it does grow on you, it's not hard to find opinions about the hair. Some love it, others are not so sure, even within Solomon's own family.

Solomon knows anything that motivates the boys to play hard and focus on a goal is a good thing, and that may play a roll in hair's history during this run for the world title.

"If we win the Little League World Series, if we make it there, we will cut it all off," his son, Alex Solomon, hopes.

Solomon has not agreed to cutting the hair just yet, though he did say it may be time. But first the boys have to get out of the regional tournament. The next game is at 8pm Tuesday.
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