Bud Light offering California free beer if Mexico breaks 'curse of the 5th game' at World Cup

LOS ANGELES, California -- Bud Light is offering free beer to soccer fans if Mexico can beat its "curse of the fifth game" in the World Cup -- but so far, the offer is only good in California. Texas soccer fans are hoping to get in on the action, though.

In a tweet, the beer company announced that if Mexico beats Brazil and advances to the quarterfinals that it will help pay for customers' beer.

The tweet, written on charred parchment in a Medieval style as part of its King John Barley and Dilly Dilly gimmick, says "such a great victory shall be celebrated by him helping ye pay for thy celebratory Bud Lights," which appears to mean free beer.

But Californians aren't the only beer-drinking soccer fans around. Othmar Gispert tweeted what the rest of us were thinking. "Oh generous King, can you extend this to the Lands of Texas?"

There's no word yet if the offer will extend to the Lone Star State.

The "curse of the fifth game" refers to Mexico not being able to advance past the fifth game in the World Cup since at least 1994.

Mexico faces Brazil in the round of 16 at 7 a.m. Monday.

If Mexico does break the curse, Bud Light said it will then provide further details on how to get the free beer. Fingers crossed, Texas soccer fans!

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