Boston radio hosts slam Watt for working out on the field before game

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- We'll start this article with a lyric from a popular Taylor Swift song. "And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate."

It's the perfect way to describe comments from two Boston radio hosts who had a few things to say about Houston Texans star J.J. Watt.

Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb of 98.5 the Sports Hub, Boston's Home for Sports, according to the website, were talking about the upcoming match up on the radio Thursday morning between the New England Patriots and Texans.

It's no surprise that the game is going to be a tough one for our home team. If you remember, the last time the two teams met in September, the Texans were shut out by the Patriots led by rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett. But the radio hosts took a few minutes to address Watt working out on the field before a game.
On Saturday, Watt was seen running some drills before the Texans played the Raiders. Many saw it as a very good sign, especially since he has been out with a back injury.

Toucher and Shertenlieb ridiculed him and said he should be kicked out of Gillette Stadium if he does it again on Saturday.

"If he works out on the field at Gillette, he should be removed from the stadium and sent home," on of the hosts said. "There's a massive facility next to the Texans stadium, but he's got to do it on the field. He's got to alert the media?"

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They went on to talk about how he always tries to appear to look tough.

"Unfortunately, it won't be snowing because then he would be out there with no shirt on and running around getting it all tough," one of the hosts said. "The Under Armour with no sleeves."

And the most laughable comment, perhaps, would be them comparing Watt to Rocky Balboa.

"He would be Rocky in Rocky IV out in the wilderness."

We understand that Watt does get criticized for some things that may appear are just for publicity, but for Texans fans, if one of the best defensive players in the NFL is doing everything in his power to get healthy, then whatever he does to get to that point is probably fine with the majority. And he most likely will not get slammed for his dedication to the game.

"Shake it off, JJ. Shake it off."
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