Awning collapses, street lights toppled in Philly celebration

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania -- It was a celebration like none other throughout Philadelphia after the Eagles won their first Super Bowl Championship. But there were fans who took the celebration too far Sunday night, causing damage in parts of the city.

A video showed fans flipping a car onto its side.

People climbed the gates and light poles in front of City Hall.

Broken traffic lights were left lying in the streets.

The windows at Macy's were smashed with glass and debris littering the sidewalk.

People climbed onto the awning at the entrance to the Ritz Carlton. The awning, still full of people, later collapsed.

Police worked to manage the crowds on foot, bikes, and horses.

There is no word yet from Philadelphia police on how many arrests were made.

Police say there were a number of injuries, but none were life-threatening.
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