Astros' Sign Lady heads to L.A. with World Series dreams in mind

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Two of the Houston Astros' biggest fans are heading to Los Angeles for the World Series with dozens of signs in tote.

Last year, Barbara and Jimmy Moon were named the Astros' number one fans by Major League Baseball, a title the season pass holders earned from what Barbara brings to the games.

"I'm an ultra fan," Barbara Moon said. "I'm a super fan."

Barbara is known as "Astros Sign Lady" because she brings more than 30 to each game.

"I have signs for each of the players that come up to bat," Barbara Moon said. "I just hold it up for them so that they can maybe spot it when they come to bat so they know that I'm there pulling for them."

It's an alter ego for the couple because during the day you can find them at their dental office.

"I'm just husband by day and Astros Sign Lady hubby by night," Jimmy Moon said.

The signs started two decades ago, but they've evolved over time. Barbara has had to make changes as Major League Baseball updates its fan policy.

In order to travel with so many, she creates paper signs, to roll up and store in her luggage.

The only issue now is rescheduling patients' October appointments.

"We apologize to them a lot, but they understand," Jimmy Moon said.
"I'm going to take off them," Barbara Moon said. "I love y'all. I love you. There's nothing I wouldn't do for y'all, but I've got to go see my Astros."

The couple will leave for Los Angeles on Tuesday morning.

Barbara will have a new World Series sign, but as far as what it'll say, she's keeping quiet.

"No, I can't tell you," Barbara Moon said. "It's going to be a surprise."

The pair doesn't think the World Series will be a surprise. They believe the Astros will win the title in six games.

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