Arian Foster busy with podcast, music and camps after time with Houston Texans

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- While many retired athletes are looking for a second passion, Texans great Arian Foster has several ongoing projects.

One of those projects includes a joint football camp with Andre Johnson on July 7-8 at Thorne Stadium. During the camp, he will host members of the Santa Fe High School football team.

"We are excited to have them, just to give them an a semblance of normalcy again," said Foster. "As well as give them a chance to interact with some high level competition."

Last year, Foster started the "Now What?" podcast that has become a must-listen. His guests don't hold back and his interviews are more like conversations.

"I'm just trying to find those people who fell in love with what they fell in love with and ask them why? Just to have conversations with them because that is how we grow," Foster described.
He'd like to get Texans owner Bob McNair on the show to discuss a wide range of topics.

"I'd like to have an honest conversation. I'm not there to corner him or bully him."

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Last month, Foster released a rap album under the name Bobby Feeno, and as a person and an artist, he is evolving.

"I probably put a good three years into this project, and people gave it more of a chance than I thought they would, because athletes put out awful music all the time. That's one of the things that I wanted to do, is respect the craft."

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