5 reasons Aggies should be excited for Jimbo Fisher

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- A private plane is flying from Tallahassee to College Station and on it is the new Texas A&M football coach, Jimbo Fisher.

While many Florida State fans are ready to curse the name Jimbo Fisher, this Seminoles fan just wants to let you know what an amazing coach you're getting. Some Aggies fans are already balking at the price tag, but Seminoles will tell you, he's worth every penny.

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  1. Jimbo knows how to win even against ranked SEC opponents.
  2. His record against SEC opponents at Florida State was 10-2. In eight years at Florida State he's 83-23 including 10 wins or more in six of those seasons. He won five straight against the rivalry. Since 2010, Fisher has racked up 78 wins, second-most in the nation behind only Alabama's Nick Saban (86).

  3. Jimbo can motivate his team at the half.
  4. Many times during his undefeated season in 2013, it looked like the streak had ended. This included the 2014 BCS National Championship Game. The final drive of that game has replayed again and again at Doak Cambell stadium. The Aggies blowing at 34-point lead will be a thing of the past.

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  5. Jimbo can recruit.
  6. Fisher has hauled in a top 10 recruiting class in six of the last seven seasons dating back to 2010.The only one that wasn't in the top 10 based on that service was his 2013 class that ranked No. 11. Moreover, he's had a top five class in five of those seven seasons.

  7. Jimbo knows how to get his players to the NFL and not just a stint with the Browns.
  8. Fisher set a modern day collegiate record by having 29 players drafted in a three-year span (2013-15), a crop that included the school's first ever No. 1 overall pick, QB Jameis Winston. In fact, each of his last three quarterbacks have gone on to be first-round draft picks: Christian Ponder (12th by the Minnesota Vikings in 2011), E.J. Manuel (16th by the Buffalo Bills in 2013) and Winston (1st by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2015).

  9. Jimbo can deliver on rivalry games.
  10. Fisher only lost one game each to Miami and Florida, FSU's biggest rivals. Before Jimbo Fisher, FSU lost 7 of the last 10 regular season games against both Miami and Florida.
    No Florida State fan will ever forget Jimbo saying, "We just beat the d*** gators."

    BONUS: You won't see as predictable play calling. While we wanted this list to be about Jimbo and not compare him to Sumlin, we know many Aggies were tired of seeing the team run the ball followed by unsuccessful bubble screens.