Check your sports trading cards because sales are rocketing

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Check your trading cards because sales are rocketing
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Are you hanging onto sports trading cards? Here's why some could be worth a lot of money.

The sports trading cards you collected and tucked away could be worth a lot of money after a resurgence in their value.

The cards do not have to be that old, as a LeBron James rookie card recently sold for $1.8 million.

Cards of Ken Griffey Jr., Albert Pujols, and even those of current Rockets players could also be worth money.

While some could be worth a lot, most are worth nothing. It doesn't hurt to dig around though and check the value of your cards on the internet.

An expert told Action13 that small trading card shows have returned and are a good place to buy or sell them.

"There is an influx of money that is coming that wasn't there, and it is just plain old simple economics, supply and demand," said Howard Lau with Houston Sports Connection.

Lau said cards have to be in perfect shape to get top dollar. Before buying or selling, he advises you do some research on the internet to find a basic idea of which cards have value and where to get top dollar.

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