Splendora basketball fans seeing double with six sets of twins

SPLENDORA, Texas (KTRK) -- "Seeing double" and "double take" are the words that come to mind in the basketball gym at Splendora High School.

Half a dozen sets of twins are playing on the girls and boys basketball teams for the Splendora Wildcats. Two of the twin girls are the daughters of the team's coach.

Girls' head coach Oscar Kendall has twin girls Ryan and Erin, and boys' head coach Jason Vela has girl-boy twins.

"This is crazy," said Ryan Kendall. "I've never gone to school with this many twins."

Identical twins and point guards, Jannet and Jaquelin Reyes, both 15, say they joined the basketball program as freshmen.

"We just give each other a look and we know what we're doing," says the Reyes twins.

The team also includes another set of identical twins, 14-year-olds Zoe and Maci Surber, who are both guards as well.

"We normally look alike when we're on the court, so it's hard for the other team to tell the difference," said the girls.

Then, there are the Ferrari Johnson brothers, Lucas and Ian. One is a guard and the other plays forward. Both consider themselves equally ranked.

Jordan and Adam Carter are boy-girl twins.

"I consider myself the better player," said Adam, to which his sister said, "We're gonna argue."

Both plan to go to college, but they don't plan to go to the same university.

"I think it's time we take a break," she said, with a smile.

Seniors Shayla and Shelby Keck are both in their last year of playing basketball, and they plan to go to college. Shayla wants to be a dentist, and Shelby wants to be a coach.

"We know how to finish each other's sentences," Shelby said. "We're each other's best friend, and we encourage each other in basketball."

There are other twins who attend Splendora High School, but half-dozen sets in the basketball program is noteworthy. More twins are expected to be on the court next year, as pairs from middle school already plan to get involved in the program.

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