Zumba helping kids open up at Houston language immersion school

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Kids are getting up and getting moving in a new Zumba class at Ole Kids Houston off Stella Link. The class also gives them a chance to be bilingual.

The language immersion school opened in September, but the owners realized the kids were shy, afraid to use the Spanish words they learned. So they introduced Zumba to the classroom -- it's kind of hard being shy when you're rocking these moves.

Xochitl Ljuboja, co-owner of the school, said, "We were looking for a way for children to be able to practice and utilize the Spanish that they learn, not only in the class setting, but be able to apply it."

Xitllit Adcock, fellow co-owner, said, "I think they're a little bit more relaxed with their language. They've been singing. They've been dancing. They feel more relaxed to actually just go out and use it in the regular world."

As it turns out, communication is about more than just words. Smiles, laughter, and yes, maybe a little confusion, are all part of the learning process. And it's easier when your friends are next to you, teaching you the steps.

Student Madison Dedman, 7, said, "There are a lot of Spanish people that I know and I want to learn Spanish like them."

Luka Ljuboja, 10, said, "My mom's side of the family is from Mexico so I can communicate with them."

They're lessons you can learn at any age. Picking up rhythm, though, that's a whole different story!
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