Young girl didn't want Santa Claus to eat breakfast by himself

EVANSVILLE, IN -- No one should have to eat breakfast alone, even Santa. Especially Santa.

That's what led a 3-year-old girl in Indiana to invite herself to sit at a breakfast table with a stranger Wednesday. Gracie Lynn was eating with her family at a Bob Evans restaurant when the little girl spotted a man sitting alone at a table. His outfit, his glasses and his wispy white beard led her to recognize him immediately.

It was Santa.

Gracie Lynn said she didn't want him to eat all by himself, so she decided she would be his company.

"She pulled up the chair and they just started having a conversation like they knew each other for years," her mother Lindsey Wilson told WFIE-TV.

We know what you're all wondering: What did she want for Christmas?

The answer makes the story even sweeter: Her baby brother, who is due in a few weeks.
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