World's possibly oldest woman celebrates her 129th birthday

Not many people can say they have lived in three centuries. In fact, Koku Istambulova might be among the last of her generation.

Istambulova may be the oldest woman in the world. She says she was born on June 1, and her ID lists her birth year as 1889, as reported by Radio Free Europe.

Istambulova grew up working in the fields, harvesting cotton, wheat and corn.

Today she lives with her grandson. Family members say her husband died 10 years ago, after living into his 120's.

Aside from Istambulova's birth, here are a few key events that took place in 1889:

- Eiffel Tower opened
- George Eastman began selling Kodak flexible rolled film
- Thomas Edison shows his first motion picture
- North Dakota and South Dakota become the 39th and 40th states of the U.S.
- First permit issued to drive a car through Central Park in New York City.
- Grover Cleveland was President of the United States, later succeeded by Benjamin Harrison
- It had been 24 years since the American Civil War ended