Women of the Week: Carolyn Faulk and Katie Clapp, female trail-blazers in plastics industry

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- This is the second mother-daughter duo in our "Woman of the Week" series.

The mother started a lemonade stand at just 7 years old and knew she had business in her blood. Now she's teaching the next generation of her family about plastics.

The offices may look like a sports memorabilia museum, but step into the Houston warehouse and you'll see piles and piles of plastic.

Carolyn Faulk was a high school teacher, but her father's entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to create this family business.

"He had no fear so I was raised with no fear," Faulk said of her father.

Today, she's the owner of the largest single plastic distributor in the U.S. Her daughter, Katie Clapp, is her right-hand woman, balancing that with being the mother of four.

It may not seem glamorous, but their plastics sure shine around people and places you'd never expect.

Skylights, greenhouses, and podiums for awards shows are among the items made from A&C Plastics.

"A lot of places our plastic ends up is pretty unique. We are even surprised," said Clapp.

The team has become a "plastics powerhouse," with annual sales now more than $28 million. Faulk has been named one of Forbes' 100 most powerful women.

When she started the company more than 30 years ago, she certainly stood out in a traditionally male owner business.

"When you walk in a room, they look at your as a woman. You convince them you've got something between your ears and you know your product. You know what you're talking about and you can help them increase their business, then they want to help you," said Faulk.

But it's their financial success that she says has given them an opportunity to pursue another passion, giving back.

Carolyn has been a 40-year rodeo volunteer and scholarship donor.

"I just think it's how you were raised. My dad always said you need to share the wealth," Faulk said.

The Faulk Foundation is now a decade old.

"As we are successful, we like to give back to the community," said Clapp.

They say if you find your passion, the money will come.

"If you go somewhere you like, money is just a bonus," said Clapp.

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