Woman wins Starbucks for Life contest

FRESNO, Calif. -- Imagine walking into your favorite coffee house every day to pick up a beverage or tasty treat free of charge. One woman now has the privilege of doing just that. She beat out thousands, if not millions, of people to win the Starbucks for Life online sweepstakes.

"Seriously, I feel like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-- I won the golden ticket," said Jaime McLelan, Starbucks for life winner.

McLelan fancies herself a Starbucks addict. According to her, she drinks Starbucks every day.

"I always get the White Chocolate Mocha," she said.

Now, McLelan will be able to walk into any chain and order one without dipping into her wallet.

"I am for certain I will become like Norm with Cheers-- I'll walk in and they will say 'Jaime,'" McLelan said.

McLelan became eligible to win the sweepstakes after completing a number of daily coffee challenges.

"It wasn't anything outrageous-- it was spend $15, go to Starbucks before 7 a.m., go in the morning and the afternoon, buy a food item something like that," she said.

Like with any other contest there is a catch-- the free offer is not really for life, the freebies actually stop after 30 years. But McLelan said she looks forward to taking advantage of her winnings and sharing it with friends.

"You know I have had a couple of people who have asked, 'so you are going to share that with me, right,'--absolutely," McLelan said.

The estimated total value of this prize is set at nearly $57,000.
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