Conroe woman lifts neighbors' spirits with Easter bunny surprise

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming holiday traditions across southeast Texas, and many people aren't letting the social distance stop them from connecting with others.

A woman in the Bentwater community in Montgomery County decided to spread a little cheer during uncertain times. Let's just say Alexandra Hicks recruited the Easter Bunny for a surprise drive-by visit.

"We still wanted to do something," said Hicks. "I don't think we should stop celebrating, just celebrate in different ways. There's a lot of hope in Easter."

Hicks managed to get an Easter Bunny to greet her neighbors, all while practicing safe social distancing.

"[On Sunday], I saw the Easter Bunny playing peek-a-boo with that little girl," said Hicks. "I was just laughing. That really made me feel good and special. Even in hard times, we can find the positive."

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