Woman gives engagement ring to couple after her wedding is cancelled

ALBUQUERQUE, NM -- When a New Mexico woman's engagement didn't work out, she no longer wanted the ring. But instead of selling the diamond, she wanted to give it away to a very special couple.

In 2013, Josh Michaels' life changed, for better and for worse. He got engaged to his girlfriend Laura, but the very same year he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that spread from a tumor in his chest.

"I've been told a few different things you know. 'I wasn't gonna make it, I had two months left,' and I'm still here," Michaels told KRQE-TV.

Due to medical bills, he was unable to afford an engagement ring. But with the help of social media, Josh and Laura's dream came true.

A woman with a broken engagement, who wanted to remain anonymous, chose to give away her diamond ring worth $2,100 to a loving couple. She said in a statement, "I didn't want it to become another pawn shop ring. For me, it was a symbol of love and happiness."

After dozens of couples posted their love stories to Facebook, Michaels was selected to receive the ring. And he proposed to Laura all over again.