Woman claims Uber driver discriminated against her and left racist message

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Woman claims Uber driver sent racist message (KTRK)

A California woman says she was discriminated against by an Uber driver because of her race. And she says there are messages to prove it.

Pamela Williams says an Uber driver ditched her on Sunday and she believes it has to do with race.

Williams had ordered an Uber pool ride in Santa Clarita. When the driver got near the pick-up spot, she says he took one look at her and drove off. So she called him on the phone.

"He said he's not coming back," Williams told KCAL. "He told me he's not coming back and I should cancel the ride."

About two minutes after Williams got off the phone with the driver, he sent her a direct message on her Uber app.

"The first message I got said, 'I'm not coming back and take you as a cheap pool rider. Cancel it and next time, I like white peoples.' Just like what? You know, your shoulder goes down. And you lose your breath. Just disappointed and shocked," Williams said.

Williams made a complaint to Uber Sunday night.

The next morning she said she got an automated message from the company and a $5 refund.

A company rep did apologize to her days later.

Uber sent a statement: "The driver's access to the app has been removed while we continue to look into this incident."

Over the phone Uber added that the company has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and it's not aware of any other problems involving the driver.
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