Whittle your waist to Jamaican tunes

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- If you love the beat of reggae music, then you just might like the newest workout craze taking over Houston. The workout is called Brukwine, and was created by Tamara Bradshaw and Tavia Bailey, who spent years as professional dancers performing with some of the biggest names.

If you're looking to sweat, squat, and get your sexy back, then try this latest cardio class.

"We've danced for every artist you can think of - Beyoncé, Diddy, Missy Elliott, JLo. Our last artist that we danced for is Sean Paul, which he is a Jamaican artist," said Bradshaw.

Jamaican music is what inspired their workout creation.

"It basically means to break out in wine, so wine your waist. Wine your waist," says Bradshaw.

The class consists of ticking and moving your waist in a circular motion.

"It's sexy, it's feminine, it's for women only," adds Bradshaw.

On top of that, there's a thigh burning section where you tick your waist in a squat position.

"We have all ages that come to Brukwine - everyone from 17 to 60-65," continues Bradshaw.

One of those women is Denaire Mouton. She's a mom and wife who discovered Brukwine just a few months ago and loves the results.

"I have more stamina, I have lost belly fat, I have lost thighs, and my butt is improving," says Mouton

She also loves the new found confidence she has.

"You just feel so sexy doing it, and my husband loves it. He asks me to show him the moves when I come home," adds Mouton.

Bradshaw says women getting their sexy back after Brukwine is common.

"We have women's husbands who email us who say, 'thank you so much' because their wives', girlfriends' inner-sexy has come - it's here now," says Brandshaw

While Mouton's husband reaps the benefits, she says so is she.

"I'm doing it for me, I love it. It's the best workout," Mouton says.

Bradshaw says women can burn up to one-thousand calories in an hour class, and if you're worried about following choreography, don't be! It's not a dance class. It's a cardio class with dance moves.

Brukwine classes take place at Fitmix Fitness Studio in East of Downtown Houston.

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