Where can sharing an apartment save you the most money in Houston?

HOUSTON -- A roommate undoubtedly can provide companionship - going halfsies on a pepperoni-and-mushroom pizza, watching Game of Thrones together, crying on each other's shoulders over a breakup. But let's be honest: One of the biggest benefits of a roomie is saving some serious cash on rent.

So, if you're looking to share an apartment with a roommate, which spot in the Houston region delivers the most bang for the rental buck? The data scientists at RentHop, an online marketplace for apartment rentals, have the answer.

According to the new study, Houston ranks No. 7 among U.S. cities where getting a roommate saves the most money. The typical cost difference between the solo one-bedroom option versus the shared two-bedroom option is 36.5 percent, or an average savings of $330 per month.

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