Whataburger throws birthday party for boy with autism

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KTRK) -- Texas fast-food favorite Whataburger threw a very special party for a boy who turned 10.

Cathy Contreras said birthdays for her son Harry are very important.

"If you have kids with autism, you know how important every moment is," Contreras wrote in her blog post.

Contreras said Harry is a bright boy who has high-functioning autism. When Contreras asked her son what he wanted for his birthday, he asked for Legos and a party at his favorite restaurant, Whataburger.

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"Harry always gets the same thing. A kids meal with a cheeseburger, chocolate chip cookie and chocolate milk," Contreras said.

Contreras didn't think Whataburger would do anything, but she took the chance anyway and contacted one of the locations in San Antonio.

"I went to the Whataburger website and couldn't find anything about having events or parties at a local restaurant. So, I reached out over social media. All I really wanted was a few tables for us to sit together and eat a cake," Contreras said.

To her surprise, Whataburger made it happen.

They decorated for him, brought out a cake for him and sang happy birthday.

"They made sure every moment of Harry's birthday was magically orange and fun. They gave him the birthday he was picturing inside of his amazing little mind," Contreras said. "The Whataburger staff was with us the entire time and even figured out a way to give us all soft serve ice cream with our cake. It was so amazing."

Contreras said Harry has even been wearing the Whataburger backpack the staff gave him since the party.

Contreras said she wrote the blog post about the birthday part so that the store manager, Danielle, would be recognized for her efforts.

"She went out and purchased all of those things for the party. She was so happy and excited to see it all come together. I really wanted her to be acknowledged. I'm happy that we can all reflect on something happy and uplifting and recognize that we do live in a country with good people and in communities that come together to celebrate each other," Contreras said.

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