Horses get loose on highway in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, California (KTRK) -- If we told you that were horses loose on a highway in Texas, it probably wouldn't shock you that much. But it's not something you would usually see in San Francisco. Or is it?

Two horses ran loose for about 20 minutes Monday morning on a Contra Costa County freeway. Troopers tried to corral them on side streets. They dodged the officers and made a dash onto the interstate, running in the opposite direction of traffic.

Twitter user Slimjanders captured the rare sighting on video and tweeted, "Almost hit a flock of wild horses on my commute to work today."

The Contra Costa Highway Patrol Facebook page shared a photo of the horses starting their caption off with a joke:

"Two horses walk out of a stable. One says to the other, 'Which way is the freeway?'"

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Officers were able to catch the horses and returned them safely to their owners.

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