Girls literally break stereotypes in new 'Like A Girl' ad

The latest ad in the "Like A Girl" campaign focuses on breaking down stereotypes -- literally. (Always/YouTube)

"Girls should be perfect." "Can't be brave." "Crybaby." "Incompetent." "Submissive."

These are the kinds of stereotypes young girls must overcome in a powerful new ad.

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According to a survey by Always, 72 percent of girls feel society limits them, especially during puberty. The latest commercial in Always' "Like A Girl" campaign -- which aims to help girls build confidence -- focuses on not letting stereotypes stop girls from living up to their potential. By the end of the ad, the girls have literally broken down the stereotypes that they say have held them back.

For the ad, several girls opened up about the stereotypes that have affected their lives, from the need to be perfect to the idea that girls should let boys be the only brave ones.

"I can't really like, rescue anybody," one girl explained. "It's always the boys who rescue the girls in stories."

To represent their ability to break down stereotypes, the girls were asked to write them down on giant blocks and then have their way with them. They got creative in how they destroyed them, from running through them to taking a sledgehammer to them to marking a giant red 'X' and standing on top of them. The exercise was meant to teach the girls they are "unstoppable."

"I think you need to keep going with whatever you love to do. You can conquer any fear you've had and just live your dream," one of the girls said. "That's why I love the word 'unstoppable.'"

The original "Like A Girl" ad in June 2014 challenged the idea that "Like A Girl" should be perceived as an insult. It has been viewed on YouTube more than 58 million times and received numerous advertising and digital video awards, including a Facebook award and 11 Webby awards.

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