Walmart greeter with cerebral palsy gifted a new wheelchair

MONROE TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania (KTRK) -- A Walmart greeter in Pennsylvania is saying thank you this morning after getting the gift of a lifetime.

He was in fear of losing his job until one donor stepped in.

Adam Catlin suffers from cerebral palsy. His job description began changing, meaning he would have to perform tasks that would be difficult with his condition.

One company decided to change Catlin's life by gifting him a new power wheelchair. The I-Level power wheelchair tilts back and elevates up so he can reach for things and greet people at eye level.

"It's going to open up a whole new world for me," Catlin said. "He has the ability to adjust his speeds. Everything is adjustable on this chair. Because as things change with Adam, this chair will change with him."

The wheelchair is even customized for him down to the color orange, which symbolizes the color of his favorite baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles.

"It makes it easier to go outside, cruise the neighborhood," Catlin said.

Catlin says he's excited to cruise Disney World when he goes in September.
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