Top 5 warning signs it's time to change your mattress

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you're wondering why you can't go to sleep at night, your mattress may be the problem.

Here are five signs that your mattress may need replacing:

1. It's a little lumpy. Lumps can happen over time, no matter what the material is made of. Your mattress may also sag, causing you to roll to the center.

2. Foam is spilling out. Spilling water on certain types of foam can cause damage to the adhesive between the layers, which will cause them to shift. Also, foam can degrade over time.

3. Waking up sore. A worn-out mattress may no longer support your spine's natural curve, causing pain.

4. You can feel the foundation. This may be caused by sleeping in the same spot every night. The layers of the mattress may begin to compress, causing you to feel the bed slats.

5. Springs are poking. Your mattress is definitely shot.

You can help make your mattress last by rotating it at least twice a year, not sitting on the edge and not plopping down in the middle of it every night.

With Memorial Day around the corner, May is prime time for making major home-related purchases.
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