'DRAG THE FLAG': Tempers flare in Kansas over flag protest

LAWRENCE, Kansas -- An event supporting the desecration of the U.S. flag turned into a major protest in the streets of Kansas this weekend.

The event known as "Drag the Flag" was circulated on Facebook but ended up drawing a number of protesters and counter-protesters carrying flags of their own, KSNT-TV reports.

The "Drag the Flag" post was taken off Facebook and another group organized a "Defend the Flag" event.

Veteran Brian Collins said he and others arrived before 10 a.m. Saturday, when event organizers advertised they would drag a U.S. flag through the streets.

"We all got together and we just came to make sure that our flag does not get drug," Collins said.

Others brought Confederate flags to the rally, "If you can't accept my Confederate flag, then get the hell out of here," shouted demonstrator Deric Bentley.

Counter-protester Kasabi Chinonge said she showed up to object the very presence of the Confederate flag.

"When I see the rainbow flag, I see LGBTQA representation. When I see the black flag, I see the anarchist movement, anti-government," Chinonge said. "When I see the Confederate flag, I see racism, segregationist."

Lawrence police said the event was largely non-violent with one arrest and one citation issued.